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Key features and benefits of InfoGin’s innovative suite of mobile browsing solutions include:

Browser-based, Feature-Rich Content Overlay Technology - Owning Your Subscribers
InfoGin’s technology provides a rich and engaging operator zone to create new opportunities for monetizing data services. Operators can reintegrate their portal as part of the mobile user's environment while at the same time give the subscriber the freedom to experience a seamless, yet uniquely personal and enhanced mobile browsing experience.

Key benefits:

  • Search - Enables operators to define, customize and monetize their search service.
  • Operator - Enables operators to deliver portal content and services (e.g., user account balances, music, videos, text-to-speech, cool apps, special promotions and advertising) and an infrastructure for the application community to integrate additional services and apps into the toolbar.
  • Web applications – Enables users to quickly access web applications. Users can customize their favorite web apps to be displayed by selecting from a list defined by the operator.
Content & Functionality Adaptation – The Ultimate Web Experience
InfoGin’s award wining and patented Content & Functionality Adaptation solution provides users with the ability to view and interact with the Web or any content that is not natively supported by mobile devices, ensuring the ultimate browsing experience.

Key benefits:
  • Rich Web Technologies – Enabling real-time content and functionality adaptation of rich technologies (e.g., JavaScript, Ajax, iframes, Flash, etc.) that are not supported by the requesting device.
  • Rich Media Content – Enabling users to browse and play any multimedia content from any Web site on any device player.
  • On-the-fly Web Site SmartView – Enabling users to toggle between mobile, full Web and InfoGin’s SmartView browsing modes to view web sites on small screen devices.
Personalization Services - Personalizing Your Experience
InfoGin’s Personalization solutions provide services that enhance the browsing experience and add flavor to mobile users’ browsing experiences, with features such as text-to-speech, single click product price comparison, ‘find in page’ and many other services. In additions, mobile users enjoy receiving their social networking notifications in a single and easy view.

Optimization and Acceleration - Doing More with Less
As the demand for bandwidth has significantly increased with high-end devices, mobile operators need to make further investments in their infrastructure. InfoGin’s clientless Optimization and Acceleration solutions provide unique application-layer traffic optimization and download acceleration capabilities which result in higher traffic reduction rates compared to other network and transport layers-based solutions.

Key benefits:
  • Traffic Reduction – Enabling operators to reduce bandwidth costs resulting from higher smartphone usage of data across the networks.
  • Enhanced User Experience - Enabling a significant increase in download speed, providing subscribers with much faster access to web content and boosting operators’ network KPIs.
  • Application Layer Traffic Optimization – Enabling operators to benefit from InfoGin’s technology expertise in a server-side, real-time analysis of Web page structures and browser characteristics to reduce overload of kilobyte downloads over the network.
  • Lossless and Lossy mode of Operation - Supporting lossless mode of operation making optimized web pages undistinguishable from their original version as well as a more aggressive lossy mode, where web content is only slightly changed in favor of a much higher traffic reduction rate.
Professional Editing and Development Tools – Create Compelling Content
InfoGin’s Professional Editing and Development Tools enable content owners to quickly and easily redesign their existing Web content for the mobile environment. These intuitive, easy-to-use interactive tools enable the selection, reordering and attribute modification of existing page elements as well as the insertion of new page elements (including custom coded elements). This process requires no intervention in the original Web page source; the original content remains untouched.

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